2016 Foals

2016 Foals!

Lacey’s Filly: Dainty Texan Lace (Pebbles)  D.O.B. April 26, 2016

Missy’s Filly, our bonus baby: Snappy D.O.B. July 20, 2016

Brandy’s Filly, Texan Moon  (Gina): D.O.B. April 24, 2016

Keisha’s Colt, Carmel

2015 Foals!

Sophie’s filly, Born April 14, 2015

Sophie'sFilly Sophie'sFilly#1 Sophie'sFilly#2

Missy’s Colt, born April 30

Missy'sColt Missy'sColt#1 Missy'sColt#2

Lacey’s Filly, born May 2

Lacey'sFilly Lacey'sFilly#1 Lacey'sFilly#2

Brandy’s Filly, born May 8

Brandy'sFilly#4 Brandy'sFilly#5 Brandy'sFilly#6

Keisha’s Colt, born May 8

Keisha'sColt#5 Keisha'sColt#6 Keisha'sColt#7


Meet our New Stud!

We would like to introduce you to our new stud, Silverwillows Knox Yoursox Off, a.k.a. Prince. He is a welcome addition to our Ranch as we have plans to breed him to our two pony mares in hopes of having some very little coloured babies. We are in the middle of calving for the spring of 2015 and are approximately a week or so away from our first foal coming. We will keep you posted! Have a wonderful spring!


2014 Foals!

The first foal of the year is here! Sophie’s first colt, born April 23, 2014.

Sophiescolt#1 Sophiescolt#2

Lacey has a filly, born May 6.


Missy’s colt, born May 11

Missy'scolt#3 missycolt#3

Brandy’s Colt, Born May 13

Brandy'scolt Brandy'scolt#2

Keisha’s filly, born May 18

Keisha'sfilly#1 Keisha'sfilly#3

Patches’ Colt, born June 5

patches #1 Patches#2

Princess’ Filly, born July 6


New Beginnings

Spring is almost here! We are anticipating great things this year, not only for us but also for YOU! We are looking forward to new babies coming, green grass and life kicking into high gear. New to the site is a page for foals as they are now. If you have bought one from us or recognize one of our foals, we invite you to email us. We love hearing how they turned out and seeing pictures! More updates to come as the babies arrive and more will be posted on our ongoing story of the Barn-House.

2013 Foals

Well, it has been awhile since I have been on the page. Life has been busy! I am hoping that I will be able to continue with more recent updates but that will be hard as spring is FINALLY HERE! We are so thankful! All the foals are now here! Brandy’s colt is already sold. Contact us soon to be able to reserve your favorite!

A filly off of Keisha –  June 6. 2013



A Stud Colt off of Lacey – May 17, 2013



A Stud Colt off of Brandy – May 15, 2013 – SOLD


A filly off of Missy – April 23, 2013




Getting Started…..finally!

A year later and I am finally getting to work on this website! I did not think it would take me this long to just sit down and do it! I am planning on adding pictures, stories, and a bit of history to our webpage. Please, bear with me as I work out the details and suffer through some learning curves! Check back for updates, and welcome to our Ranch!July 20, 2012 181