All Grown Up!

Here are pictures of our colts as they are now. If you have bought one of our colts or recognize one of your horses as one of our foals, please send us pictures! We love hearing about how they turned out and seeing pictures of them.

A Lady of Class (2011 Foal)

Lady has been a super sweet mare to work with and has proven that anyone can ride her. She did very well last year with my daughter in the walk/trot class at the local fairs, as well as giving rides to our two youngest children. This winter she has grown even more in size and sweetness. She is everything we have been breeding for, a gorgeous colour, a sweet and gentle spirit, quick mind and an ability to do anything you ask of her.

LadyOct LadyandPatti

Anna walk:trot

Pilgrim (2010)


Photo credit: Peggy Miller

Texan Spitfire a.k.a. Rain (2014)


Photo credit: Megan Bedford

Lugnut (2010)
-1 -2

Texan Major (2011) and Lugnut

Photo Credit to Candice Hamm

Texan Pietta (Smartie)(2012)
Smartie1 Smartie2 Smartie3
Photo Credit to Andrea Kroeker