The Barn

When we got married we decided that instead of renting we wanted to live on our land. So, we built a tiny one room cabin. It is 18 feet by 24 feet. We built it in the bush, far away from running water or electricity. We decided to live like the pioneers, well, kind of. We still had 12 volt lights and a propane camp stove to cook on. We had a wood stove that warmed us in the winter and we would open the windows in summer to try and cool it down. Our fridge was a cooler with ice in it and the shower was a bucket hung from the tree. We knew we would not want to live in the cabin forever but we were not sure where we wanted to build our permanent yard site on our land. Before we were married, Russell had put a down payment on an old barn. It was to be moved at the buyers expense. When we were engaged, Russell took me to see this old barn and asked if I would want to make it into our home. I said “Yes!”So, we made plans to have it moved. We scouted out our land and chose a spot to become our yard.


Then, we (along with help from talented family members) poured a cement foundation that would hold our barn.


A moving company picked up the old barn off it’s foundation and transported it over many miles of road, some train tracks and even through a sunflower field.


CCI05032013_0004  CCI05032013_0005

Then it was carefully placed on the cement footings that were waiting for it.


Once the barn had sat for a year or two, we started the process of looking for water.

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First, we tried close to the yard. The drill went deep down into the soil, but there was nothing there. So, we decided to try out in our pasture that is down the road. We found WATER!! Now, we needed to dig a trench to it. Not an easy task when you have to go up and down through some extremely steep ravines. From where the well was going to be, to the barn house was approximately 4000 meters. We started by clearing a path through our bush from the barn-house to the well site.

ROR #5

Then, the trenching began……

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Now, the hose is laid, we just need to install the well casing and hook it up to the barn-house.

More to come……..




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