2014 Foals

Toffee Toffee#1  Toffee, Keisha’s Filly (grade)

TeddyBear TeddyBear#1                                      Teddy Bear, Patches’ Colt (grade)

TexanSpitfire TexanSpitfire#1    Texan Spitfire (aka Rain), Lacey’s Filly APHA

Mr.ClassyTexan Mr.ClassyTexan#1   Mr. Classy Texan, Sophie’s Colt APHA

Flames Flames#1   Flames, Missy’s Colt  grade

FancyTexanExanadu FancyTexanExanadu#1  Fancy Texas Exanadu, Princess’ Filly  APHA

ABlackTyTuxedo ABlackTyTuxedo#1    A Black Ty Tuxedo, Brandy’s Colt     APHA


2013 Foals


Little Joe Texas (Stud), off of Lacey


Flashy Texan (Stud), off of Brandy

IMG_3692 IMG_3770

Nikki (Filly), off of Missy

Keisha's 2013 2 Keisha's 2013

A Filly, off Keisha

2012 Foals

August 1, 2012 056August 1, 2012 060

A Fancy bit of Lace (registered name aka Fancy), a filly off of Lacey

August 1, 2012 138August 1, 2012 132

Lucky Kitty Kat (registered name aka Sasha), a filly off of Sophie

Sept. 10, 2012 308Sept. 10, 2012 360

Texan Pietta (registered name aka Smartie), a filly off of Brandy

Nov. 13, 2012 060Sept. 10, 2012 393

A Filly, off of Princess. Unfortunately, due to an injury she sustained in the fall, she had to be put down.

100_5005June 28, 2012 077

Loonie (Filly), off of Missy

IMG_3788 Sept. 10, 2012 319

Eagle, a stud colt off of Keisha

2011 Foals

Sept. 22, 2011 057Sept. 8, 2011 039

A Lady of Class (registered name), a filly off of Princess

June 24, 2011 013015

A Lady in Wranglers (Sugar), a filly off of Sophie

June 24, 2011 051Sept. 8, 2011 048

Texan Major (registered name), a stud colt off of Lacey

horses July 5, 2011 059May 28, 2011 028

PIlgrim, a stud colt off of Missy

June 10. 2011 003 Sept. 22, 2011 026

Sugar, a filly off of Keisha

2010 Foals

July 31, 2010 071 Aug. 30,2010 056

Tekah, a stud colt off of Keisha

July 4, 2010 020 July 31, 2010 057

Barah, a filly off of Sophie

June 8, 2010 015 dad's camera 2 207

A Stud Colt, off of Pastry

Aug. 30,2010 048 Aug. 30,2010 089

Spike, a stud colt off of Missy

Aug. 17, 2010 016 october 2010 157

Lugnut, a stud colt off of Cookie

2009 Foals

2009 1605

Jill, a filly off of Pastry

2009 415

Jack, a stud colt off of Missy

Kitty Reg 034 2009 507

Sparkle Like Diamonds, a filly off of Keisha

2009 495 Kitty Reg 037Stud Colt, off of our mare Cookie.

2009 1585 Sept. 26,09 048,
Blue Eyed Texas Kitty, our first Registered Foal off of Quick Change Kitty.

Minolta DSC Minolta DSC
A Filly, Dusty’s new owners sent us these pictures of her.

2008 Foals

2008 1467IMG_7651

Tony, a stud colt off of Joan, a grade Paint mare.

Bandit, a stud colt off of Cookie, a grade Quarter Horse mare.

IMG_76792008 1366
Stud Colt, off of Pastry, a grade Paint mare. I don’t know his name as he was sold before we named him!

2008 1340IMG_7665
Prince, a stud colt off of Duchess, a grade Paint mare.

IMG_7945 IMG_7950
Whiskey, a stud colt off of Dusty, a grade Quarter Horse mare. He was given his name by his new owners.

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